Welcome to Neelikon

Neelikon is a prime manufacturer for more than 25 years of high quality dyes for use in food, stationary ink, inkjet ink, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, and home care industries. Neelikon also produces high quality specialty fluorescent dyes used in production of daylight fluorescent pigments, textile dyeing, non destructive testing (NDT), plastic coloration etc.

Dyes for Stationary & Inkjet Inks:

Neelikon offers high quality dyes for manufacturing various types of stationary and inkjet inks.

Neelikon is one of the few producers of Solvent Green 7 (Pyranine) C.I. No. 59040. This colour is used in production of ink used in yellow highlighters / markers.

In stationary ink, Neelikon has water soluble dyes / food colours used in Children Sketch Pen. These colours meet EN/71 requirements.

In Inkjet ink production, Neelikon offers less salt dyes like Neelink Yellow T (Acid Yellow 23), Neelink Blue BB (Acid Blue 9), Neelink Red PR (Acid Red 18), Neelink Black 2B (Food Black 2) & Neelink Brown BT (Brown HT). Neelikon can also provide other water soluble dyes in less salt form on special request.

On special request, Neelikon developed Neelink Yellow T (Acid Yellow 23) with less than 1000 ppm (0.1%) salt for inkjet ink application.

We encourage you to send your request for specialized less salt dyes, including those, you may not find listed in our website. Neelikon is interested to develop specialized high purity and low salt content dyes.

This website is dedicated to dyes for the stationary inks and inkjet inks. For more information on food, pharmaceutical, personal/home care, cosmetic colours, please visit www.neelikon.com . For more information on Neelikon’s fluorescent dyes please visit www.fluorescentcolours.in.

Thank you for your interest in our colorants.