About Us

About us

Our History

Neelikon Dyestuffs was founded in 1983 by Mukund Turakhia and was incorporated into the present company in 1994, as Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd. Neelikon manufactures Colours from its plants in Dhatav - 120 km from Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and manages its business from its head office in Mumbai, India.

Neelikon has emerged as a prime manufacturer of high quality colourants (Colours, lakes & pigments) for the food, pharmaceutical, colour cosmetic, personal care and ink industries. It also produces specialty fluorescent Colours used in manufacturing of daylight fluorescent pigments and other specialty industrial applications. The majority of its production is exported around the world.

Our People

Neelikon’s emergence as a major dye producer is attributed to its Managing Director, Mukund Turakhia. Mr. Turakhia is a renowned Chemical Engineer, with a 40-year association in the dyestuffs and chemical industry. He was responsible for introducing indigenous technology for the production of food dye in India in 1973-1974. For this, he was presented a National Award from the President of India. He has also received the Highest Export Award from CHEMEXCIL - A Government of India Export Promotion Council, for the export of Synthetic Indigo Dye (1977-1978).

Neelikon believes that a company’s most valuable resource is its people. Hence, it hires only the best. In such an environment, decentralization is easy. The staff readily takes on responsibility and is always quick in taking action.

Our Environmental Concerns

Neelikon cares not only for the quality of its products, but also for the way in which they affect the quality of the lives of its stakeholders. This includes the environment. Thus, all activities at Neelikon, from maintaining a good product quality, to minimizing and preventing pollution are focused towards improving the quality of life.

Neelikon has a sophisticated effluent treatment plant that has been designed in-house, to meet the Company’s specific requirements. The effluent discharged at the Company’s factory is as clear as tap water.

Our Research

At Neelikon, Research & Development is a continuous process, for better quality and a wider product range. The R&D drive at Neelikon has borne rich fruits. It has enabled Neelikon to introduce many products for the first time from the Asian market. In-house technology and manufacturing allows Neelikon to provide:

  • Competitive prices
  • Consistent quality and regular supply
  • Technical back-up to meet specific customer requirements
  • A product that anticipates potential regulatory changes and meets regulatory requirements, by constantly exceeding quality and purity standards
  • Constant new product development, to meet specific customer requirements

Neelikon has also made the quantum leap in becoming a major producer of Aluminium Lakes and US FDA certified FD&C and D&C colours. It is one of the few companies outside of North America that produces food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic Colours that meet the regulations laid down by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Neelikon has a very successful record of certification from US FDA since more than 20 years.

Our Quality

Along with pursuing technological excellence, it is Neelikon’s philosophy to never compromise on quality. The company has a state-of-the-art laboratory with highly qualified and experienced chemists. Neelikon maintains strict quality checks for all its products. Every order has highly specialised product features and may differ to a varying degree in physical appearance, powder size, pH of 1% solution, etc. The company maintains proper records for each of its clients and ensures that the products meet such specific customer requirements. For the Lakes, Neelikon has developed an in-house testing procedure, which allows each batch to be accurately matched with standards for shade and colour strength.

Testing parameters and procedures are in concurrence with the legislation of the different countries e.g. Europe (EC), US FDA, JECFA (WHO), Japan, BIS (India) and any country whose specifications may be different than the ones stated. The Company thus ensures that its colours meet the legislative requirements of the countries in which they will be used.

The company also offers timely delivery and exceptional technical and legislative services

Our Distribution

In 1990, Neelikon began colouring the globe, when it started exporting ‘Neelicol’ brand Colours. Neelikon is strengthening its presence in the world market by associating with organisations, which have shared ideals and aspirations. Today, the majority of its production is exported all around the world. In order to broaden its base, Neelikon has established a network of agents and distributors in many international markets and is expanding its home market in India. Every agent and distributor is carefully chosen to serve customer requirements effectively and efficiently.

Apart from its head office in Mumbai, India, Neelikon also has its European office based in UK which offers local stocks for customers in Europe.

Neelikon Colour Stocks are becoming increasingly available throughout the world and presently our products are sold in around 100 countries.

To know how your requirements can be best served, please contact us directly. We will be happy to put you to a distributor in your region.

Our Packaging

Neelicol Colours are available in a variety of packaging options, all made from the finest quality material, in order to ensure that they are sea-worthy and safe for export as well as local transportation.

Packaging options vary from 0.50 (half) kg, 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kgs.

Varieties of packing material are available like plastic jars / drums, cardboard boxes, fiber drums.

Neelikon is flexible to support distributors and customers with convenient packing options in terms of weight and type of packaging material.

Neelikon can also supply colours pre-packed into specific weighed packs which are ready for direct use into the final product formulation.